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Tatiki; Micro-Small Enterprise

Tatiki Coffee

As a micro-small enterprise, Tatiki Coffee brand is in the first place of Indonesia Green Coffee exporter. Our goal is not only to sell high-quality green beans products that are eco-friendly, but also develop an ethical culture, with sustainable-oriented practices. One of our values is maintaining good relationships to our community and our environment without to harm them.

At Tatiki Coffee, you will be able to find a variety of Green Bean products such as raw, roasted and ground variants. Our coffee beans are processed and tended with care from planting until harvesting time. The result of this home-grown developing process can be seen from the great benefits that came from consuming out coffee beans by delivering natural antioxidant nutrtion and taste.

We are proud to source our fresh green coffee beans from different regions with different social norms and customs; for varieties including Arabica, Robusta and even Liberica single origin from the northern part of Sumatra to the southern peninsula. Coffee beans are produced using the best techniques, quality ingredients where product quality determines the standard of consistency so that they have unique and distinctive characteristics that are well known throughout the world.

Transparent Pricing

Brands under Tatiki Anak Banka management have transparent pricing. Say goodbye to haggling and dealing with multiple levels of distribution partners; all we want is fair trade.

Impressive quality assurance

Tatiki Coffee strives to make sure every bag ordered reaches satisfaction through our competent QC checking and makes sure all standards are met. We don't want you disappointed with us!

Variety through Unique Blend

Curiosity got us to try something different because no two coffees beans are alike; each packing is exhaustively blended using computer engineered calculations that meet your desired flavor profile.


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